Next Generation Payments Stack for Digital Economy


We enable companies to build and launch digital deposit, credit, and payment products.

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Card Issuing

Leverage our card issuing services to unlock online and POS payment options for your customers, with virtual and physical cards, prepaid, debit or credit cards and secure digital wallets.

Embedded finance is changing the way we interact with financial services

We provide modular building blocks to develop and launch digital financial services, issue cards, accounts, digital wallets, payment services, more quickly and securely.

Accounts & Payments

We provide a transaction banking core for Embedded Banking, from easy client onboarding to enriched cash-in / cash-out operations and internal transfers / P2P transactions.


Build your business with our diversified all-in-one processing platform. It handles, but is not limited to, the end-to-end card transaction lifecycle, and banking flows enabling users to send and receive payments.

Innovation platform

Embed financial services in your platform

Create new business models and unconventional revenue streams. Embed payments and financial services into your product. We enable innovative companies to build digital products and better financial services for everyone. We provide modular building blocks to develop and launch digital financial services products, issue cards, accounts, payment services, more quickly and securely.


We are close to launching our first closed loop pilot. The public beta program will begin in Q4-2023 followed by Commercial Launch in 2024. This will lead to general availability of the SwiftXccess Core Services. We are currently testing the initial build phase of the core platform. Significant performance has already been achieved on the core infrastructure. In addition to the development work, extensive planning is taking place regarding regulatory compliance and operations framework.

Innovation & Insight

June 10, 2023
Level 2 and Level 3 Processing
June 14, 2021
Open Economy
April 28, 2021
Open Banking